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Stroboscopic and correlative diffraction imaging

The goal of the project is the extension STROBOS-CODE at the German-Russian end station of the IMAGE-beamline at ANKA to enable correlative and time-resolved 2D and 3D imaging of crystalline samples, based on diffraction contrast and stroboscopic methods. The envisaged spherically operating detector system will allow flexible and innovative digital white-beam topography with millisecond temporal resolution for in-situ investigations, with the option for simultaneous detection of the transmitted beam. By means of an additional sample manipulation stage for angular alignment the already established method of laminographic 3D imaging will be extended to include high resolution diffraction contrast capabilities. The required methodical development includes implementation, adaption, and extension of algorithms for multi-dimensional reconstruction and motion analysis, as well as the automatization of correlation procedures.


Within the project a number of potential applications will be studied and demonstrated, for example: time-resolved, correlated 2D and 3D diffraction imaging for the in-situ characterisation of the nucleation and propagation of dislocations, defect analysis, fracture dynamics and thermal gradients in single-crystal GaAs and CdTe semiconductor sensor materials and GaN and SiC materials for high-speed electronics.


BMBF Funding Reference(s): 05K14VKA, 05K14VFA