Laboratory for Applications of Synchrotron Radiation (LAS)


Stroboscopic and correlative diffraction imaging

STROBOS-CODE is a collaboration joining the interdisciplinary competency of partners from materials research and crystallography, X-ray physics, algorithm development, and image analysis from two Russian research institutions and two German universities.

The goal is the development and optimization of correlative full-field diffraction imaging methods with spatial and temporal resolution and the implementation of suitable instrumentation at SIBIR-II at Kurchatov Institute  and at the Synchrotron Radiation Source at KIT :

Prospective beamline endstation at SIBIR-II at the Kurchatov Institute

Extension of the German-Russian endstation at KIT's IMAGE beamline  to include diffraction contrast capabilities. Its design aims on high mobility and flexibility, enabling its integration into typical synchrotron beamline instrumentation and infrastructure for user experiments at different facilities (PETRA III, ESRF , etc.).

Fundamental and application-oriented studies will address defect generation and evolution in crystalline materials during growth and typical processing e.g. during micro-electronic device fabrication in order to understand the interplay of driving forces and defect emergence, and to improve predictive models for their behavior in dependence of thermal, mechanical, electrical and chemical load. The results will have a high application relevance for materials research, in particular related to intercommunication technologies (wafer technologies, CMOS-technology, solar cells etc.).

BMBF Funding Reference(s): 05K14VKA, 05K14VFA