Laboratory for Applications of Synchrotron Radiation (LAS)


Arthropod Structure revealed by ultra-fast Tomography and Online Reconstruction

ASTOR is a BMBF sponsored project to provide users of X-ray tomography with a cloud-computing-based virtual analysis platform which is managed by users through an online portal. Via this portal users will be able to run their OpenGL-based analysis application within virtual machines.

The scientific part of the project includes the integration of high-speed network technologies such as InfiniBand within the virtual machines as well as the evaluation of alternative storage options such as noSQL database technologies. Our goals here include the improvement of managing metadata, system performance and stability as well as procurement and operating costs.

The current situation is characterized by a limited number of analysis workstations. Users are able to reserve the appropriate time and of course visit a localized computing room. Providing virtual infrastructure should significantly improve this condition. Typical users are scientists and students from various institutes involved in the field of the synchrotron community.